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Let's go travelling!

PNDU's long-awaited updated Travel Information Booklet has recently been released with lots of helpful information for Aussie and Kiwi HPNers, carers and hospitals on how to plan and organise safe travel with HPN.

Download a soft copy of the Booklet here.

If you are an Aussie/Kiwi HPNer or carer and would like a hard copy of the booklet, please email us.  Likewise, if you are an Aussie/Kiwi clinician and would like a hard copy for you or your patient(s), please contact us

A bit about PNDU

Our mission at PNDU is to support, research and inform consumers, carers and providers of parenteral nutrition for intestinal failure.

We are a group of Australian and New Zealand consumers, parents, care givers and professionals affected by intestinal failure requiring Intravenous (IV) nutritional support (parenteral nutrition).      

Please take a moment to become a member (at no cost) in order to enter the site and access the information we are collating on parenteral nutrition and other aspects of intestinal failure.

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Please Note:  This information is kept in strictest confidentiality.

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By making a donation to PNDU you are helping us support kids and adults in your community with Intestinal Failure who cannot survive by simply eating.  You are also helping to raise awareness of the complex life support therapy - Home Parenteral Nutrition (HPN).  Please note donations are in NZ dollars.  Thank you for your generosity.